Below are the vacant positions for working with Gnext. Necessary skills such as fluency in English, ability to work a computer, and associated skills with the specific jobs is required.

1Service and System Engineers– Thorough Knowledge of Servers and System Integration.
– Knowledge to provide solutions for servers and storage.
2Business Development Manager– Look for new business growth aspects and help expand the business
– Find current loopholes and help correct them
– Look for new product and business opportunities and try to capitalize on that.
3Logistics Officer– Manage stock and inventory
– Go around seeing the smooth operation of logistic tasks such as goods clearing, bank document submissions, occasional deliveries, etc.
– Requirement: Motorcycle or Scooter
4Human Resource Manager– Manage Employee Databases, Performance and Morale
– Help boost Morale by hosting small in house campaigns
– Try to get efficiency out of every task and manage all human resources
– Should have a good sense of counselling and team building.
5Service Technicians-Thorough knowledge of Laptops, Printers and Mobile Phones.
-Fluent in English

Please send in your CV/Resume at and/or contact us.