iPhone Battery Rates:

X/Xs/Xs Max25000
11 Pro/Pro Max26500
Please Note that your whole unit will be replaced due to constraints in Shipping Only Battery to Nepal.

Please Contact +977 14220864/72 for further details.
*Make sure to backup your data and turn Find my iPhone Off before coming for battery service – it might take up to 4 weeks that we have to keep your device for ordering service parts from Apple.*

Conditions for Whole Unit Replacement Under Battery Only Price:-

  1. The phone should not have been opened outside in a third-party repair centre.
  2. All parts inside the phone have to be original as they had arrived.
  3. No major physical damage such as camera/display/glass cracks should be present. Minor scratches and blemishes will be considered.
  4. The Battery Health of the phone has to be degraded below 80% or the phone battery settings should ask the phone to be serviced.